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Square Engraved Cocktail Glass Toppers Appetizer Plates | Drink Coaster | Beer Glass Topper | Wine Glass Topper

Check out our latest addition!  You know and love our traditional wine glass toppers and now we're offering a new design: Cocktail glass toppers! 

It’s a mini plate for the top of your cocktail glass that becomes a coaster when you are done! Perfect for mingling and socializing hands free with your appetizers, leaving one hand free.

With a slightly lighter, higher gloss tone these new cocktail toppers are still made with eco-friendly bamboo but now fit inside the lip of your glass.  They're designed to fit a wider variety of glasses and they're perfect for cocktail, beer, wine, even water glasses and coffee mugs!

  • MINI ENGRAVED APPETIZER PLATE that fits on your cocktail, wine or beer glass
  • Carry apps with your drink and have a hand free for socializing
  • Nestle inside the rim of your cocktail glass, beer glass, coffee mug, and water glass. 
  • Make for a fun DRINK MARKER TOO!
  • Becomes a COASTER when you are done snacking!
  • Dimensions: approximately 4 Inch Diameter, 2.75 Inch bottom ring, and .75 Inches tall 
  • Mix and match designs and use them when entertaining so everyone knows which glass  belongs to them.  
  • They keep the bees and bugs out of your cocktail or beer when partaking outside. 
  • They make a GREAT hostess gift too!   

Custom Designs - Email your design to: after ordering!

We now also offer the option of engraving your favorite graphic or phrase! Have an image or an idea in mind?

  • Just email us after purchase and we'll let you know if it will work. (If for some reason we can't make it work, we'll immediately refund your purchase!) 
  • Custom graphics work 99% of the time without issue, the other 1% is usually a simple tweak here or there to fine tune it for engraving.
  • We've never had a custom order that has turned out anything but extraordinary!

We have 34 square cocktail glass toppers appetizer plates to choose from! 

  • Alcohol. Because no good party starts with a salad.
  • Knock, Knock. It's Gin o'clock.
  • Whiskey Bar
  • Life is Short. Buy the Good Alcohol.
  • Let's Get Nauti!
  • You can't control the wine. You can adjust the sails.
  • Not all those who wander are lost.
  • Good Friends, Good Wine, Good Times.
  • A Meal without wine is called breakfast.
  • Guns, Whiskey, Steak and Freedom
  • What Happens on the Boat Stays on the Boat
  • Cheers with two glasses
  • Cheers with a splash of wine
  • Rose all Day
  • All that I am or Ever Hope to Be I owe to my Mother
  • My Favorite People Call Me Mama
  • Salut with a splash of wine
  • Let's Wine about it with a couple drinking together on it
  • Let's Wine about it with a woman enjoying her wine
  • Land of the Free Home of the Brave
  • America is Another Name for Opportunity
  • Where Liberty Dwells
  • God and Country
  • It's Wine O'Clock Somewhere
  • Save Water Drink Wine
  • There's Always Time For A Glass Of Wine
  • I'm One Glass Away From Saying What I Really Think
  • Kiss Me I'm Irish
  • Luck of the Irish
  • Horseshoe Luck
  • St. Patrick's Day
  • Celtic Tree of Life
  • Kiss Me I'm Drunk or Irish
  • Custom (you email us a graphic to & we'll make it reality - it's just that easy!)

 Cocktail and Beer Glass Topper Features

  • Sold Individually - Price is for one wine topper
  • Engraved by our family
  • Made of Bamboo 
  • Fits most glasses
  • Size: 4-inch square | 2.75 inch diameter ring underneath | .75 inches high
  • Glass not included | Booze and Wine Not Included ;)